Progress maneuvers

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Sep 29 2002 - 18:52:35 EDT

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    Today I received the following very helpful information:
    >Progress M-46 is leading ISS because it was left on-orbit after 
    >undocking.  As reported elsewhere, the Russians intend to take 
    >some video of the Russian environment with the Progress external 
    >camera, and then will deorbit the Progress in mid-October.  
    >Progress M1-9 came into proximity (within 30 km) with ISS on 
    >9/27 for a test, then slowly phased away behind, which is why it
    >has been seen trailing ISS the last two nights.  Between GMT 
    >270/17:00 and 271/17:00 Progress phased from 30 km to ~225 km.  
    >Between 271/17:00 and 272/15:00 the range was essentially 
    >constant at ~225 km.  Rendezvous maneuvers started at 272/15:00 
    >and docking was accomplished at 17:00.
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