Can anyone ID this unknown?

From: Edward Lyons (
Date: Sun Sep 29 2002 - 17:46:09 EDT

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    Noticed by accident as a naked-eye flash (perhaps mag. 2?) just south of
    Alpha and Nu Capricorni at approx. 20:00UT, 29 Sept 2002.
    Picked it up in 20x60 binoculars and followed it for the next several
    minutes as it drifted very slowly in a south-easterly direction -- the
    slowness of the movement indicates a high orbit.
    After several naked-eye flashes, the maxima faded below unaided visibility;
    the amplitude of the flashes was at least four or five magnitudes, probably
    more. Period of the flashes was about ten seconds, with a secondary peak
    about three or four seconds after the main flash.
    Any pointers appreciated.
    Eddie Lyons
    Portsmouth, UK
    50.854N, 1.069W, 15m asl
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