3 unexpected sightings

From: Larry Brash (lbrash@ozemail.com.au)
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 19:57:29 EDT

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    During an observation session on 27-Sep-2002, I spotted and ID'ed 3
    unpredicted (by Heaven's Above) sats.
    First, while watching GPS 2-04 Rocket1 (1994-066-B) pass south to north
    Alpha Gruis at 09:05:05 UTC, I spotted another sat traveling north to
    south. Saw it only for a few seconds but it appeared to flare to about
    4.0 in that time. Using SatHunt + alldat.tle, I ID'ed this as OPS 3367A (1997-074-A).
    Second was spotted while watching Cosmos 1833 Rocket pass west of
    Altair. I saw a flasher moving from the northwest, heading south of
    Altair at 09:26:30. It flashed brightly (Mag 1-2) every 10 seconds or
    so. This took a while to ID, but the best fit was Intelsat 5-2 Rocket
    (2000-006-B). It's orbit is 11,000km by 345Km and was obviously seen at
    its perigee.
    Last was a bright (Mag 3.5) sat passing west to east, passing north of
    Alpha Gruis at 09:37:17. Easily ID'ed as OAO 1 Rocket (1966-031-B), but
    much brighter than H-A's predicted 5.6.   
    This was the first time that I had seen three unpredicted sats in one
    32.9718S, 151.6343E, 30m, UTC +10.
    Larry Brash
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