Re: Two Progresses in orbit

From: paul (
Date: Sat Sep 28 2002 - 16:53:48 EDT

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    hummm, I looked and did not see a trailer...?
    I wonder with sun S Eq now, how much darker is
    your sky than mine at 0050 ut? would have been difficult to
    time pass, I only saw venus, ISS, vega, maybe I could have
    relative to vega...
    At 13:51 9/28/2002 -0500, you wrote:
    >Last night from the driveway of his house Mike McCants, his 
    >wife, two of their sons, and I watched ISS -- about as bright 
    >as Venus (?), followed by the new Progress (PROGRESS M1-9, 
    >27531, 02045A, according to US SpaceCom), about +2.5 (?).  I 
    >didn't get a time on their separation.  A while ago I heard 
    >from my mother that my sister wanted to know what that was 
    >following ISS last night.  Our ISS culmination on that pass
    >was at about 0:50:20 September 28 UTC.
    >On the subject of Progresses, the previous one will continue
    >in orbit for several more days.  A SpaceflightNow story 
    >"Russian flight controllers have put the old Progress 8P into 
    >an orbit away from the station. It undocked from the aft port 
    >of the Zvezda service module at 1359 GMT (9:59 a.m. EDT) 
    >Tuesday after a three-month stay, clearing the port for the 
    >arrival of Progress 9P. 
    >"The 8P freighter will remain in space for a couple weeks, 
    >using its onboard cameras to observe smog and smoke over 
    >northeastern Russia. Once the test is completed, the Progress 
    >will be deorbited...."
    >Here's a current elset on the previous one:
    >PROGRESS-M 46
    >1 27454U 02033A   02271.64876157  .00034513  00000-0  31984-3 0  1093
    >2 27454  51.6365 253.3517 0036822 272.6072  60.5285 15.66263343 14733
    >Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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