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From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 17:13:12 EDT

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    ETS-6 IS flashing at RA 23:40 dec.+2 to 00:00 dec +0 (my shadow entry
    today), which is according to my prediction based on observations 1999 to
    2002-09-07 by Michel Jacquesson.
    I don't know when it started (I was searching in moon-/streetlight for
    reference stars), but I observed it for about two minutes, then decided to
    reset my stopwatch memories which were filling up, then I timed 32 flashes
    from 20:13:41 UTC to 20:18:34 (period about 9.45*2 s, details tomorrow). The
    flashes stopped abruptly, indicating shadow entry.
    In private conversations, I had explained that Michel's at RA 19:14 to 20:45
    +18 deg, and Ed's at 21:50 to 21:57 +8 presented problems in matching to the
    model. So, please observe near all the above RA ranges, and try to find
    start and/or end times of flash events.
    > > > Did ETS-6 have some "accident" changing the axis
    > > > (but almost not the period) ? Or has Ed seen a
    > > > new surface flashing ? Or ...
    > > >
    > > > Only more observations can tell. Also needed if
    > > > I should dismiss older obs, and start a new computation.
    > > >
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