Re: Flaring geosats

Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 08:15:43 EDT

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    Dear all,
    There have been many reported observations of flaring three-axis-stabilized
    geosat around the equinoxes in the last years.
    Has anybody observed a similar effect on spinning satellites like the Meteosats
    or satellites with a spinning section like the older Intelsats?
    Nominally, the spin axis of these satellites is pointing to the poles, such that
    there should
    be a similar effect around the equinoxes. Some of them should even be flickering
    the specular reflections on the solar array elements.
    Anyway, it is probably worthwhile to have a look in the coming days and weeks!
    The occurance of this effect depends on your latitude:
    latitude    optimum date
    -80         01 September
    -60         04 September
    -40         09 September
    -20         15 September
    0           23 September
    +20         30 September
    +40         07 October
    +60         12 October
    +80         15 October
    (Sorry to the Seesaters on the southern hemisphere!)
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