Re: More on 2000 SG344 vs. J002E3

From: Willie Koorts (
Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 09:57:43 EDT

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    On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Matson, Robert wrote:
    > So the $64,000 question is:  If J002E3 is really the Apollo 12
    > 3rd stage, then is there anything else manmade and unaccounted
    > for that is bright enough to be a match to 2000 SG344?  If not,
    > then it must be an asteroid, in an orbit very similar to that
    > of the earth.  --Rob
    Hi Rob et al
    All very interesting.  If one can go by
    J002E3 "Wears Apollo Paint", apparently determined by visible and IR
    spectroscopy.  Quoting form the above URL: "Binzel and Rivken took
    infrared spectra on the unique object, and those spectra "confirm that
    J002E3 is a dead ringer for white TiO paint,"  Hergenrother added."
    Also, according to
    after ~100 measured positions, J002E3 now only has a 1% chance of hitting
    the Moon or Earth and is due to leave earth-orbit in mid-2003 after
    completing six orbits.
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