Re: Vandenberg 09/19/02 Missile Test URL

From: Jake Rees (
Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 23:03:43 EDT

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    I found some great stills on the web of the 09/19/02 Vandenberg Minuteman
    III twilight launch.........both the actual launch at various parts of the
    launch and the lingering smoke/plume trail display.  These were taken from
    100 miles or more east of Vandenberg.
    Thanks to Tracy Justus who has added additional pictures since my original
    post.  Click on <Photos of a Minuteman III missile launch> at:
    And thanks to Bill Hartenstein who has nice pictures at his website.  He
    also has pictures from past Minuteman launches, some from up close and some
    from over 100 miles east of VAFB in twilight conditions:
    Congratulations to Tracy and Bill for their fine pictures and great websites
    with other varied topics as well.
    Here are a couple of other websites with pictures and descriptions of
    Vandenberg launches but nothing so far on the recent one.
    -- Jake Rees
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