MOLNIYA 3-25 decayed

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 07:33:00 EDT

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    Report time 10:30 UTC
    1985-061A (#15909) MOLNIYA 3-25
    SPACECOM'S FINAL REPORT -prepared Sep 21, 15:06 UTC - shows the
    decay on
    21 September, 10:45 UTC +/- 01 minutes (56.3°S, 245.1°E)
    ascending over the South Pacific.
    It was an extreme difficult decayer which underwent possibly
    a catastrophic decay. The last five ELSETs showed two with
    negative drag terms (around 01:34 UTC) and two other incompa-
    tible "final" ELSETs.
    My final analysis with MPM+REENTRY based on two selected ELSETs
    02264.1332.. and 02264.2668... (SFX 159, ap 008) delivers
    21 September, 10:42 UTC +/- 11 minutes (58.07°S. 240.99°E)
    also northbound over the South Pacific.
    The derived ballistic coefficient deviate extremely from 
    the "theoretical" value and looks more like a piece of debris.
    Another peculiar fact is the very small RCS with 0.08.
    For a MOLNIYA I have never seen such a low value. 
    Berlin, Germany
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