C*2282 Re: 8305PG obs 21sep

From: Björn Gimle (b_gimle@algonet.se)
Date: Sat Sep 21 2002 - 15:04:08 EDT

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    It appears to be around a pole 11:45 +85.5 with a cone of 79 degrees
    The lower declination of the Sun means that you must be N of lat. 50N in Canada
    (and still faint S of +60N) to see it now. Unfortunately it is not on my side of
    the Earth yet.
    But if the cone (and axis) are correct, there is a backside lobe that should be
    visible in Australia now.
    Near RA 09:20 dec +8 for Sydney now,
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    > yet, took a few peaks at cosmos 2282 and inv->inv at
    > 0245->0300 ut.  where's the cone?  when's the cone?
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