Superbird A returned

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 14:01:54 EDT

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    Hi Leo and List,
    > After a splendid clear evening yesterday in which I made 15 obs
    > to be reported later, I looked this morning for Superbird A.
    > As I didn't know the exact time when it was supposed te start 
    > flashig, I started observing around 03 UT.  At around 03:19 UT
    > I spotted a faint flash near the predicted spot for Superbird A,
    > to be sure I waited for the next flash, also a faint one. Then
    > I started timing on the next flash and could time 31 flashes
    > before it stopped flashing.
    Congrats on acquiring Superbird A on its latest run!  My apologies
    for not responding to your earlier e-mail about when to look for
    Superbird A -- too busy w/work these days.  Curious as to how
    accurate my 7-month old computed axis was holding up, I ran
    predictions for your location for 9/13/2002:  the predicted center
    time was 3:20 UT -- perhaps 2 minutes earlier than what you
    observed.  Not bad!  So I'll hold off on updating the axis until
    we've got a few more measurements this month -- two minutes is
    plenty good for a 6- to 7-minute flasher.
    For early Tuesday morning, September 17th, here are the approximate
    center times (all UT) for the flash window for a few selected
    locations.  (The 2-minute error based on Leo's obs has already
    been added so these times should be pretty accurate.)
    3:17  Portugal
    3:18  Spain
    3:23  Paris
    3:24  London, Switzerland, N. Italy
    3:25  Belgium, Italy (Venice)
    3:26  Edinburgh, Netherlands, Saltzburg, Munich
    3:28  Denmark, N. Germany, Vienna
    3:30  Southern Norway and Sweden
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