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Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 04:49:12 EDT

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    >He is trying to find infor for a satellite listed in the 
    >"tle's" as 90012U.  He said he believed it was an 
    >UnClassified bird and was curious about exactly what it 
    >was as it was in the TLE's with no name.
    This object is one of two fairings from the Japanese launch
    of MDS 1 (27367 02-003A).  It flashes with a period of just
    over 8 seconds, and the flashes have been seen at magnitude 
    +6 at a range of over 30,000 km.  (An identical object with
    a slightly different flash period was observed in the same 
    FOV one night by Mike McCants -- and I got to see them both
    there also.)  Here are three recent elsets, from OIG, of 
    objects that SpaceCom has cataloged from that launch:
    MDS 1
    1 27367U 02003A   02257.94839607  .00001533  00000-0  23716-2 0  1425
    2 27367  28.4024 131.1720 7241465 306.9532   6.6505  2.27379389  5062
    1 27368U 02003B   02257.63140318  .00001694  00000-0  22602-2 0  1382
    2 27368  28.4252 130.9982 7246786 307.1058   6.6662  2.27332679  5054
    VEP 3/H-2A
    1 27369U 02003C   02258.58996726  .00003003  00000-0  44844-2 0  1399
    2 27369  28.4115 130.4340 7237618 308.0024   6.6017  2.28065952  5088
    (For some reason, those three are not in the file 
    of all cataloged objects for August 2002.  Actually, there is 
    a gap in that file from 27367 through 27383, inclusive.)
    To my knowledge, Don Gardner was the first amateur to see the
    one now standing as "90012".  Here are some SeeSat-L messages 
    discussing the various parts of the 02-003 launch:
    There should be at least five objects cataloged from that 
    launch, the three above plus the two fairing halves.  There 
    was also a payload adapter, but I'm not sure if DASH 
    separated from it.  If they did separate, that would be six 
    objects.  I'm pretty sure that VEP 3 was supposed to stay 
    joined to the H-2A upper stage.
    As to why SpaceCom has cataloged only three objects -- only
    they know.  I think I've heard that sometimes they may have 
    had problems tracking objects in geosynchronous transfer 
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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