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From: svend aage (aagesvend@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 03:08:19 EDT

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    Hello there,

       Brief introduction.

       Aage (not really), very amature sat enthusiast.  38.706°N, -121.315°E,  Citrus Heights CA USA.  This location is next to an extraordinarily busy intersection, and for "miles!" in every direction vast acerage of stripmalls and car dealerships, all of which, are illuminated by harsh orange lighting in excessive quantities of  an "orange turd" color that prevent me seeing much of anything.  Spent last month in the Sierras just to watch the milky way and reaquaint myself with all the constellations and galaxies I could find with my 7X35 Binoculars.

     This sad light pollution in mind I was suprised to observe last night, between the time 8:40-9:10 PM (PST Greenich -7 or 8?) not only Iridium 39 heading South (8:45) but 1 unidentified sat (same heading) before, and (no exageration and unfortunately no knowledge or ID for) 7 more Sats during the times 8:46-9:10 apx. The directions were random and unrecorded, sorry, but all 9 sats were 54* -90*(altitude) and to my East and South East, which seems a small area and a very short period of time (to me) for so many Satelites to cross by.

    any idea how to ID these sats?  Thursday evening 9-12-2002     38.706°N, -121.315°E, 

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