Nice GLONASS flasher

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 09:50:15 EDT

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    Hi All
    Whilst doing an orbit plane scan search last night (12 Sept) for a
    particular satellite I observed 28 satellites during the 160 minute scan.
    One of these satellites was quite exciting and Im sure will be of interest
    to others:
    Want to see a flashing satellite at a distance of about 22000 kilometres ?
    if so try  #15698  85037B  Cosmos 1651 which is a GLONASS satellite (
    somewhat similar to NAVSTAR ). This satellite is flashing every 10.98
    seconds and flashes to about magnitude +3 and is invisible in between
    flashes. The flash duration is about 1 second or so and it should be easy to
    pick up in binoculars. The satellite is in a stable orbit so it should be
    running on time.
    I will be reporting later on the other 27 satellites observed. Meanwhile the
    balance of my positional observations for 10 Sept will have to wait until
    after the weekend- I got sidetracked today by analysing my video tape of
    last night- took 6 hours to do the job!
    Enjoy the weekend
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