Gorizont 14 PPAS 13sep

From: paul (astro@pgog.net)
Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 02:33:10 EDT

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    Gorizont 14 (17969)
    87- 40 A 02-09-13 06:09:49   PG 4393.3 0.1  50 87.867 +4/+6->inv
    thanks to Jason for the heads up.  the 1st 25 flashes were
    steady at +4, but the last few were dimmer ~ +6 but I also
    noticed that the binos had some dew although I was seeing
    stars ok.  I started around 0456 ut having given up on
    Cosmos 2282.  the flashes were more like flares, slow climb
    to max and fade out, seems like 500ms, at least with the
    earlier brighter flashes in the series.
    I need to run a power cord out to the obs area
    so I can remove dew with hair dryer.
    Paul Gabriel 8305
    26.24306N 098.21614W GPS (CT|UTC-6/-5)
    +35.97m USGS/NED, -25.22m EGM96 Geoid height
    +10.75m WGS-84 Ellipsoid height
    aka McAllen, Texas USA 78504-2940
    "wherever you go, there you are"
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