Spot 3 did it again last night

From: Art Glick (
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 08:17:41 EDT

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    Bjorn, Rob and other listers,
    I watched for Spot 3 again last night, and it did indeed again flare, this 
    time twice (that I saw).  Based on Wednesday night's pass (at about 55 
    degrees zenith to the west) and last night's (a nice 83 degree zenith - 
    also to the west a bit), it would appear that it does not flare until after 
    it passes zenith, if that means anything to you guys.  The first flare was 
    the brightest in both passes.  The flares are bright (0 to -2), and last 
    night's pass was completely invisible, even in binos, between the flares, 
    though there was still a bit of twilight in the sky.
    I wish I could give you guys a timing accurate enough to be useful, but as 
    a casual observer, that's a bit beyond my expertise.  Thank you both, 
    though, for identifying this object for me, so that I could see it again 
    last night!
    Best Regards to All,
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