Cosmos 2282 into shadow 06sep

From: paul (
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 04:03:19 EDT

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    I took a nap and started looking again
    at 0618 ut and it was still flashing, and
    I went out and timed the 908 flash at 0726:36.1 ut (still 20.838s)
    and I came back to my computer a few minutes later
    ~ 0732 ut and saw that now (real time) Guide8 showed it 
    Cosmos 2282 in shadow, so I "ran" outside and
    sure enough the flashes had stopped.  I then ran
    the Guide ephemeris table for position and shadow and
    Guide showed it entered shadow between 0728 & 0729 ut.
    I wish I had remembered it was nearly shadow time
    as I would have tried to time the last flash.  to recap:
    it flashed ~ 5h20m and I did not see the when the initial flash,
    but it was flashing as early as 0207 ut (but not at 0131)
    it should emerge ~ 0835 ut, only another 30 min from now, so I
    may check it out to see if it emerges flashing. 
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