RE: Can someone tell me what I saw?

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 02:44:24 EDT

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    Hi Art,
    > As I looked almost due west, I saw something do multiple flares.
    > I've seen plenty of operational Iridiums flare, and these flares
    > were similar, but there were at least three, maybe four, in the
    > space of about 20 degrees of a pass, and I've never seen anything
    > do that.
    > The first flare looked to be close to -2 in magnitude, though I
    > was standing under very bright floodlights.  It appeared at
    > about 50 to 60 degrees azimuth [elevation?] almost due west
    > very close to 21:23 EDT (date = 9/5).  As the satellite moved
    > in an almost due north direction, each successive flare
    > was dimmer, and the object was invisible between flares.  I
    > wonder if this was this a non-operational Iridium?
    Didn't find an Iridium match, but it looks like Spot 3 (#22823)
    is a very good possibility.
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