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From: paul (astro@pgog.net)
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 02:16:27 EDT

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    Cosmos 2282
    94- 38 A 02-09-04 05:05:07.7 PG 9867.3 0.2 473 20.861 +4.0->inv
    using mounted binos, I started looking at 0120 ut 
    but the first flash seen was 0219 ut 
    and I started the clock ~0220:40 ut.  flashes
    started sometime between 0206 and 0219 ut.
    still flashing at 0505 ut when I stopped.
    (&& still flashing at 0558 ut)
    slight spin_up from yesterday's 20.871 Rob (20.870 Ed).
    I did a few shorter cycle counts to confirm the
    flash period and hence the overall number of flashes.
    sounds simple, ie, push the button(s)**, but I can see
    how to better refine technique for myself.
    **I had two independent timers running, but I could have
    better utilized one of them.
    as for the flash description other than above, sometimes
    it seemed a little brighter but I could not make out a
    pattern (my immediate E neighbor put the most annoying
    twin floods bouncing off his white garage doors ~ 50 feet
    from my stuff -- we need to have a serious talk) for the
    most part the sky had cleared but I cannot be sure that 
    the vM variation was not high clouds.  once or twice I thought
    I saw a double flash, with a separation between the two
    of <=0.1 sec (maybe <=0.05 sec?)(very fast)
    (but that could have been a glitch in the matrix)
    and the single flashes to me seemed to have a shorter duration 
    than, eg, Gorizont 23, but my "flasher viewing experience" is 
    pretty limited.
    ps to Tony (& Greg), I looked at web page for PC164C, I may
    have some questions re how best used in conjunction with 
    other stuff...
    Paul Gabriel 8305
    26.24306N 098.21614W GPS (CT|UTC-6/-5)
    +35.97m USGS/NED, -25.22m EGM96 Geoid height
    +10.75m WGS-84 Ellipsoid height
    aka McAllen, Texas USA 78504-2940
    "wherever you go, there you are"
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