RE: Cosmos 2282 is now flashing 04sep

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 22:36:45 EDT

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    Hi Paul,
    Good job catching the beginning of this one -- as you
    indicated, this will help contrain the possibilities
    for the spin axis... --Rob
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    Subject: Cosmos 2282 is now flashing 04sep
    I started looking for Cosmos 2282 23168 94038A
    at 04sep 0120 ut forward,
    first flash seen was 0219 ut although I
    was not looking continually, it definitely
    was not flashing at 0206, so we narrowed
    its flash window to 13 min starting range.
    this may have additional significance to
    Bjorn or Rob (or others) who calculate
    visibility cones.  it is also possible that
    I saw the first flash as I was looking for
    about a minute to readjust the bino az/el
    and it seemed to be I did not see it and
    then it was flashing, but I cannot certify
    that it was not flashing between 0206 & 0219.
    will update.
    Paul Gabriel 8305
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