Re: TDF 1 is flashing ??

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 16:25:22 EDT

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    > given Ed's message, which sat is more likely for last night's
    > 20.8 sec flasher, TDF 1 or cosmos 2282 ??
    Don't know
    > if Rob saw flashes at 0415 ut, from CA, would I see them about
    > the same time from S_Texas ??  (seems Ed did from Central Tex)
    +10 degrees of E.longitude at US latitudes is about +5 min flash times, but
    latitude can affect a lot more, depending on the angle track/flashes.
    > is it "safe" to add ~ 12 min and start looking at 0427 04sep ut?
    When the flash event duration is long, the angle (above) is very sharp, but
    since we don't know if Cosmos 2282 path is going "up" or "down" over the track,
    we can't estimate the latitude effect.
    > -- the expected total total visibility period of TDF 1
    <20 minutes if my prediction, and Rob's axis, are correct (angle about  20 deg)
    > -- what to expect 04sep ut re this total vis and start time
    Around 11:00 UT for TDF 1 (see earlier mail), don't know for Cosmos
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