DOS command line prediction program

From: Brad Feinner (
Date: Mon Sep 02 2002 - 14:13:22 EDT

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    I need a DOS command line sat prediction program that:
    1. Uses a standard TLE file of up to 1500 sats
    2. Takes all other inputs (user lat/long, UTC Offset,
    time range for predictions, etc.) from command line
    parameters and/or a .ini file
    3. Outputs a text file with all visible passes,
    listing each sat position by az/el, preferably with
    range and alt for each position, at 1 sec intervals
    4. Does all of the above, and exits, with no user
    A good example of the functionality I'm looking for
    would be Traksat 4.09, running Batch Mode with output
    to a file, and Step Size = 1 sec (0.0167 Min).  The
    text file it outputs is what I need and then some. 
    Unfortunately (for me), Traksat comes up in a "window"
    which requires user intervention to enter time and
    mode info, and to exit when done.  If there were a
    command line version of Traksat, that would meet my
    needs, but there isn't.
    If anyone has, or knows of, a program that fits my
    description, please let me know how I can get a copy. 
    If you have source code in C or C++, I can compile it,
    so that would be OK.  Thanks for any info.
    Westminster, CA
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