Maintaining TLE files.

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Date: Sun Sep 01 2002 - 21:33:05 EDT

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    One of the biggest hassles that I encounter with satellite watching is 
    maintaining a list of TLE's for visible satellites that I have not 
    First I would have to use Element Manager to extract TLE's for satellites 
    that are brighter than a certain minimum magnitude.
    Then I would take the resulting file and use SatSpy's 'Filter Element 
    Sets' utility to extract TLE's for satellites that I had not seen.
    The output file from SatSpy should contain ONLY TLE's for satellites 
    brighter than a minimum magnitude that I had not seen...however, I found 
    that the SatSpy utility was flawed and the output file contained many 
    satellites that were already observed.
    The solution was to write my own program.
    "Extract" is the result of this endeavor. It will read the mccants.tle 
    file and compare it to a list of NORAD numbers of satellites already 
    observed and write out a file containing only TLE's for satellites that I 
    have not seen.
    Now I can maintain my 'visual.tle' file quickly, using only one program. 
    No more hoops to jump thru or frustration with inaccurate results.
    Other list users are welcome to use this program....
    Windows users:
    Macintosh users:
    A quick/basic help file:
    A sample 'seen' file:
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    -Robert C. Gallagher
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