TVSat 1 (87-095A)

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 03:55:47 EDT

TVSat 1 (87-095A, 18570) is a flashing near-geosynch.  It was 
visible in 10x50 binoculars (up to +6) for a few minutes on 
Sept 14 UTC (Thursday PM CDT) and Sept 17 UTC (Sunday PM CDT).
Very briefly visible in binocs and confirmed in Mike McCants'
8-inch (200 cm) telescope were a few very quick double-flash 
maxima at what might be its "phase shift", which was at about 
2:58:20 on Sept 17.  When I first saw it on Sept 14, it was 
doing the double flashes.  On both nights the last 
observations were with Mike's telescope (so I could see it 
later than with binocs); on the 17 we "let it go" in order 
to observe other objects.  It's getting fairly far SW for us.
Here are PPAS reports:

87- 95 A 01-09-14 02:36:29.0 EC 1626.4 0.5  70 23.23  +6->inv
87- 95 A 01-09-17 03:05:40   EC  765.7 0.4  33 23.20  +6->inv 

While looking for Gorizont 8, I saw an extremely rapidly
flashing west-to-east UNID, about +5.5, whose maxima quickly 
dimmed at least a full magnitude before it became too faint 
to follow (or went into eclipse).  It appears to have been 
SCD 2 (98-060A, 25504), a small, octagonal, spin-stabilized 
Brazilian satellite whose operational spin period is said to 
be 32 to 36 revolutions per minute.

Cosmos 2151 (91-042A, 21422) flared to -1 for a few seconds 
at about 1:45:17 UTC Sept 17.

BCRC observing location: 30.315N, 97.866W, 280m.

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA

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