Flashing Object

From: finn@main.jetnet.ab.ca
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 20:51:08 PDT

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    I observed a pass of a nice flashing object, easily seen at 1x, which i
    believe was Cosmos 2372 r #26539 00056B. However checking my predictions,
    SL-16 R/B DEBRIS #26542 00056E passed by nearly the same area seconds later
    so i don't know which object it was that i saw. I was set to record the time
    but shortly after passing way under (N) Polaris, the object went into shadow
    and the only time i got was 02:42:xx 1 Oct UTC. I looked at my watch when i
    first picked up the object as it neared due North so the 02:42 is correct.  
    Here are the predictions for both objects:
    From  Peak Time   Az El   End Time   Az El    Mag NORAD# Object
    335  02:42:46    8 22  02:42:46   8 22   3.3 26539  Cosmos 2372 r    
    340  02:42:53    4 18  02:42:54   4 18   3.6 26542  SL-16 R/B DEBRIS
    I do believe it was Cosmos 2372 r i observed but are there any reports of
    the Debris flashing? Thanks in advance.
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