Re: Small parade of three geosynchs

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 14:48:54 PDT

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    > ...
    >Non-satellite obs. -- Later in the evening while looking for 
    >Gorizont 13, I saw a +7.0 star not on the +7.5 charts (1950) that I 
    >have.  It was near iota Capricorni.  There's an online site with 
    >charts with stars to +10 (and deep-sky objects to +12.9!), but I 
    >don't see it there either, so maybe it was an asteroid, at about 
    >21:19, -16.5 (2000).  I never dreamed, using handheld 10x50 
    >binoculars, I'd need star charts to such faint magnitudes!!  That
    >online chart site is:
    Congratulations, Ed, on your independent discovery of the planet Uranus
    - unfortunately William Herschel beat you to it by only 219 years :-)
    The current ephemeris mag for Uranus is 5.7 and the epoch of date
    position for the approx time of your observation was RA 16h19.4m 
    Dec -16.4
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