Minuteman III launch Observed

From: Rick Baldridge (rickbaldridge@dellnet.com)
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 18:07:38 PDT

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    From near San Jose, CA, (37.282, W121.977) about 200 miles north of
    Vandenberg Air Force Base, USA, I spotted the 1st of two launches of
    Minuteman III tests scheduled for the early morning of September 28, 2000
    Pacific Daylight Time.
    Unfortunately, fog cresting the hill from where I was watching prevented a
    good video and photograph, but the 1st vehicle crossed the median (due
    South) at 1:04:15am PDT (8:04:15GMT), indicating a launch time close to
    1:02am PDT.  As expected, the flame from the booster stage(s) was bright
    orange-red and easily visible from the 200 mile plus slant range.  From
    passed experience, I saw the second and third stage burns only -- the 1st
    stage burn was in the fogbank.
    I did not stay up to view the 2nd launch attempt scheduled that morning.
    Some of us have to work for a living!
    Campbell, CA.
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