Spot 1 r AA (17131/86019AA)

From: Mike Bevan (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 04:39:47 PDT

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    Hi All
    On 20/9/00 at 19:52 UTC I observed Spot 1 r AA, a piece of what I assume is
    the third stage of an Ariane 1 rocket used to launch the Spot 1 and Viking
    satellites into orbit. Upon investigation I find that this is one of the larger
    of 46 catalogued pieces of debris for this rocket.
    Does any body know what happened to this rocket or could point me to where I can
    find out more info.
    Clear Skies
    Mike Bevan
    Lat. 50.7556N, Lon. 1.9803W, Height 20m
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