compass problems, Iridium flares

From: Moritz Heger (
Date: Sun Sep 24 2000 - 05:21:40 PDT

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    Hello all.
    I use to find the north direction by searching for the Polar Star so I don't
    have any trouble with compass errors. I never used one at a night with
    visible stars.
    By the way, I too did not see the shuttle, it only was visible shortly
    before sunrise here. Also I want to express my opinion on the change of
    posts on this list from endless chains of numbers only to mails dealing with
    the beauty of a satellite sailing across the sky, too. THATS why I'm
    watching satellites!
    Does anyone know when the Iridium satellites are expected to stop flaring
    Best wishes
        Moritz Heger    48.707987N    11.399407E    370m . NN    WGS-84
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