Re: 9/21 - Iridium#63

Date: Sat Sep 23 2000 - 21:37:22 PDT

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    Hi folks:
       I think there are many ways  for locating  iridium flares.
       For me I will do a quick check on the Heavens-above to pick  the best
    candidate(s). If  I want to do photography etc I will need to locate the
    exact flare location vs the background stars.  I use Rob's excellent skymap
    program (download the latest tles first)  which indicate the exact flare
    location vs the rest of the trajectory in yellow.  For general x1 view the
    alt/az will suffice in for my through the window obs ( with know alt/az of
    surrounding landmark). Since the compass is affected by ferrous objects, I
    find I can have as much as 10-15 degree errors in az..using a cheap
    dash-board compass. DO you have similar problem?
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