Re: 9/21 - Iridium#63

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Sat Sep 23 2000 - 15:45:35 PDT

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    > Let's say you've set up a custom H-A page for your location and are 
    > online to 
    > check to see if there are any "monster" flares scheduled.  First, as 
    > you 
    > might normally do, click on the H-A selection for "Iridium Flares - 
    > for the 
    > next 7 days."  Assuming one or more flares stand out, copy down the 
    > best 
    > flare's date and time, elevation and azimuth (or just clone your 
    > browser).  
    What do you mean by "clone"?  Cloning, to an avid computer user as
    myself, means to slightly modify a piece of software to fit your own
    purposes (and that is obviously illegal with browsers).  Perhaps you mean
    "copy" or "print" the screen?
    When I see an Iridium flare predicted, for say, 47 degrees azimuth, and
    27 degrees altitude, I recall at my observing site (my backyard) where
    the sun rises (east, or 90 degrees) and sets (west, or 270 degrees). 
    Thus, I can quickly locate north (0 degrees) and south (180 degrees) as
    well.  47 degrees is only 2 degrees from 45, which would be roughly
    north-east (for me, just looking in the right quadrant of the sky is
    adequete).  I then look 30% (27/90) above the horizon at that point, at
    the predicted time, and see (usually) the flaring satellite.
    Sounds mathematically complicated, but after you do it a couple of times,
    it'll be like instinct to you.
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