Washington and "evil amateurs"?

From: Joseph A. Dellinger (jdellinger@amoco.com)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 15:54:00 PDT

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    	I related to a friend of mine who is a scientist working with a
    satellite studying the Sun (Trace), Charles Kankelborg, a post from SeeSat
    complaining about 'Washington officialdom is still being fed the "evil
    amateurs endanger US national security" line'. He wrote a letter to his
    Senator about this issue, and was personally called back by a senate staff
    member. They told him that they had never heard of the issue, and didn't
    think it was an issue.
    	He would be curious to hear from anyone who has _hard information_
    backing up the claim.
    	His e-mail is: kankel@icarus.physics.montana.edu
    	and his web page is: http://icarus.physics.montana.edu/
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