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Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 07:23:00 PDT

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    Thanks Dan... my obvservations didn't make sense to me when I started
    reading the other posts.
    You redeemed my belief in my own eyes.
    I didn't pull my scope out of the garage and I'm really disappointed at
    that... the two points of light
    for the ISS was strictly naked eye ( glasses of course... blind without
    them, but phenomenal vision with them). It was extremely clear out side and
    the sky was gloriously busy...
    As is watched the two pass overhead, 
    the Moon was out (recently Full last week), 
    there was an extremely bright flasher drifting across from East to West at
    about 40 degrees, 
    and the Shuttle and ISS crossed paths with it, 
    then a jet flew overhead, with a 50 degree vapour trail glowing in
    crossed so perfectly with the Shuttle that the jet and the Shuttle both hit
    their paths' intersection 
    point at the same time, with the Shuttle passing behind the jet momentarily.
    Only thing missing was a meteor.(and despite the high geomag activity I
    could find no Aurora, and I felt sure it should have been visible... checked
    a few times during the night).
    Thanks again.
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    > > I'm a little confused here...
    > >         Was the ISS actually the leader of the two ??
    > For this morning ISS pass, Atlantis was in fact the leading object as it
    > is
    > most of the time after the separation from ISS.  
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