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From: Tristan Cools (tcools@village.uunet.be)
Date: Sun Sep 17 2000 - 05:13:06 PDT

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    Concerning flashing satellites, I have made a temporary PPAS update file
    called ppasdraft at
    The latest PPAS update was named PPAS8-03 and the draft version will become
    PPAS8-04 eventually.  In the meanwhile it can be consulted for recent
    flashing satellites.  This file is constantly updated with incoming
    observations, which are put in the correct PPAS format thanks to Bram
    Tristan Cools tcools@village.uunet.be
    Belgian Working Group Satellites(BWGS)
    Damse Vaart: 3.2478E/51.2277N - OBS place 1
    Ryckevelde:  3.2856E/51.2045N - OBS place 2
    Brugge:      3.2166E/51.2104N - OBS place 3(home)
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