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Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 23:38:04 PDT

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    Sue Worden wrote:
    > Jim Cook wrote:
    > > Unfortunately, I'm all thumbs with UTC conversions.
    Seems pretty simple. Just 'X' number of hours between you and UTC.
    That is always the same, except for daylight time.
    > Much harder for me to keep straight is the day.fraction format,
    > since months have varying numbers of days.  
    I don't understand.  The fraction of a day is constant no matter how many days
    there are in a month. They are completely independent of each other. You usually
    don't need the exact conversion. Roughly, .1 would be 2.4 hours.  .25 (1/4 day)
    is 6 hours.
    .5 is 12 hours. 
    >A "trick" I've used
    > for that is to mark up my calendar at the beginning of each year.
    > At the top of January goes a "0"; at the top of February goes a
    > "31"; at the top of March goes either a "59" or "60".  You get
    > the idea.  The "day" value is then the date in the month plus
    > the number at the top of the month, e.g., February 17 is day
    > 17+31. 
    Ok, here we're talking about day #. I have a little chart that shows # of each
    day of year. I can post it on my Sky Views web site (below) if there's enough
    interest. Mailed photo copies can be arranged too.  
    There's something else that I use though. A friend here in Freehold owns a
    Stewart Title Insurance company. She has small desk and large wall calendars
    each year with the day #, counting from the first and last day of the year,
    printed near each date. They are really very handy. As they are a national
    company, see if an office serving your area would give you one. For those who
    can't get them locally, I could check what they would cost to buy. Let me know
    by Nov. if you want some.
    > Surely people has already written programs to convert from the
    > day.fraction format to the month:day:hour:minute:second format
    > for local time zones...?  If not, I'll write one.
    Not the month/day, but for fraction of day to H,M,S. There was a 2 page table in
    American Ephemeris 1960. I'm sure it's in other years too.  I guess copies can
    also be posted on my web site or mailed.
    Jay Respler
       Satellite Tracker * Early Typewriter Collector
               Freehold, New Jersey
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