Obs of bright R/Bs

From: Mark Hanning-Lee (markhl@prodigy.net)
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 13:56:57 PDT

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    Observations of rocket boosters brighter than predicted magnitude, which
    can happen relatively often.
    Sep. 4 Big Bear City
    06155 ATLAS CENTAUR R/B	Mag 0.5 pass, predicted mag about 3.3. I've
    often seen this R/B bright, a good one to watch.
    23753 IRS-1C r was predicted 4.7 & reached nearer mag 3.5, so I saw it
    at one-power with a first-quarter moon.
    I tried to see a lunar Iridium flare. I found a location on the
    centerline of a predicted mag 9 flare, was all set to drive there with
    my Celestron 80 mm EQ WA scope, & ... my tire developed a fairly fast
    leak! So I limped into a gas station instead. Grr.
    I'd like to try for lunar Iridium flares more often, but the nearest
    clear dark sky is a little way from here!
    Sep. 6 from Tustin CA 23133 UHF F/O 3 r flared to mag 2, 7 degrees from
    the moon.
    Sep. 8 07338 SL-8 R/B from Tustin gave a long pass near mag 1.
    Best wishes, Mark
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