Retrospective Flare info please!

Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 03:33:48 PDT

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    Apologies to all if this is irrelevant or unnecessary info to many of you,
    but as a new discoverer of this list, I'm seeking a little help.
    Having been introduced to satellite spotting last week with a Mir pass at a
    local Astro club open evening, I'm trying to find out if there is anywhere
    on the net that has restropective flare observations.
    The reason being that whilst on holiday in Cornwall, UK last month, and
    looking for Perseids, my family and I spotted a bright flare (inland) and I
    would like to try and establish what it was. The details as far as I
    remember them were:
    Location : St. Austell (50.339, -4.776)
    Flare Altitude : c.15
    Azimuth: NNW
    Max Magnitude : -1 or -2
    Movement/Track: minimal
    Date & Time: 10th August, between 23.00 and 23.30 BST (GMT+1)
    I'd be most appreciative if anyone could offer pointers where I could check
    against published observations.
    Many thanks,
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