RE: Lunar Iridium Flare #4

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 14:48:46 PDT

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    Congratulations to Ron Lee on his 4th Iridium lunar flare!
    What's your success % up to now, Ron?  Seems you've got
    it down to a science.
    > It was visible the entire field of view (perhaps .75 degree).
    This shows how accurately Ron had his telescope pointed.  The duration of
    "bright" portion of a lunar Iridium glint is comparable to that of a daytime
    Iridium glint.  In other words, the spatial extent is extremely limited.  If
    Ron had
    been off by less than 0.4 degrees cross-track, he would have missed it of
    course.  But even along-track, if his pointing (or the prediction) was off
    by half
    a degree, he probably wouldn't have seen it.
    I encourage anyone with the appropriate equipment to try for one of these
    rare events while the constellation still has its orientation maintained.
    are only visible 2 weeks out of each month (a week either side of full
    and you need to be within a couple miles of the lunar flare track to have a
    good chance of seeing it.
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