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From: Paul Gabriel (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 19:45:12 PDT

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    I saw Lac2 21147 91017A tonight, I have a few pts, it appeared
    essentially ontime and ontrak ref mike's elset 253.12.
    around a +2 easy to see even in the moonlight, maybe it
    was misplaced and mike or someone recovered it recently
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    On 09/09/00 at 22:21 Jonathan T Wojack wrote:
    >Lacrosse 2 never showed up two nights ago.  Has anyone seen it recently? 
    >I recall reading about non-observations of the object recently.
    >Yes, I could check the SeeSat-L archives on the Web, but my 56k modem got
    >burned out a week and a half ago.  I have a sluggish 14.4 modem.  So
    >sluggish, that I takes no less than 30 minutes to enter in my location
    >data at, and an additional 30 minutes to get
    >predictions for just that night's bright satellites, and predictions for
    >Mir, ISS, and Iridium Flares.
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