Fwd:Re: STS-106 Launch Trajectory Plots

From: Rick Baldridge (Rick.Baldridge@wj.com)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 13:44:57 PDT

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    > Don Gardner wrote:
    > Rick - Do you think that it's possible to see the shuttle during a
    > daytime launch??  I saw it once at night from the DC area and it was great.
    Actually, the first 2-1/2 minutes are very easy since the solids are burning. 
    But they will be dropped off way before the Shuttle reaches the D.C. area.  The
    Shuttle main engines do not produce any smoke, so seeing it will be very
    difficult.  However, I've seen it several years ago from Virginia in daylight
    and Yes, it was difficult and only visible in binoculars.  It was probably
    easier then than the upcoming launch since the shuttle was not in a sunward
    direction.  I posted the information just for completeness, but should have
    mentioned the difficulty in seeing it.  Thank you, Don, for pointing this out.
    RICK B.
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