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From: Bart De Pontieu (bdp@blackadder.lmsal.com)
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 14:44:38 PDT

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    [Follow-up to UseSat-L only please, see below for details!]
    Hi all,
    There has recently been frequent discussion about the charter of SeeSat-L,
    more specifically which type of messages should be allowed. Currently (and
    since its beginning in November 1994) the charter suggests (amongst many
    other things):
    > SeeSat-L is intended to be a low-to-moderate volume list with high
    > information content about visual satellite observations. 
    > Please AVOID: - reporting too many 'I saw this satellite' messages
    > without any 'added value' to it. Yes, Iridiums do flare up, and yes MIR
    > *is* bright. But that's no longer news. Exceptional MIR and Iridium
    > observations are welcome though. What is added value? (Flash) Timings,
    > positions of satellites in the night-sky, seeing satellites under
    > difficult/exceptional circumstances (e.g. first sightings, in the
    > vicinity of other satellites), and so on.
    > - replying to long messages with wise-cracks or one-liners such as 'I
    > agree', 'You are wrong', and so on. Remember this list is
    > read by over 600 people!
    Several subscribers have commented they feel that [quoting from a
    recent message to me by Igor Lissov]:
    > But I believe that, in its current form, SeeSat-L doesn't inspire new
    > observers to join our society. For many weeks, posted messages has been
    > mainly of two types: positional measurements and newly calculated
    > elements (both highly helpful for professionals but not too inspiring
    > for newbies).
    > Moreover, list policies do not recommend, essentially, to share
    > observations of the easiest objects ('I saw Mir') that in fact may be
    > start for more serious interest in the field.
    Other subscribers have been supportive of the current posting guidelines,
    suggesting that the Usenet newsgroup sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe
    can fulfill the role of 'chat' group about satellite observing. 
    Personally I feel that SeeSat-L has been succesful in the past few years
    exactly because it has avoided being like chat-groups, and because it has
    been highly focused on data. Perhaps a solution would be to have two
    mailing lists: SeeSat-L (like the current one?) and SeeChat-L (inviting
    any type of message as long it is on-topic and related to visual
    satellite observing) ?
    Anyway, I would like to invite everyone to discuss this topic so that some
    kind of compromise can be found. However, please keep this discussion off
    SeeSat-L. We have a related list called 'UseSat-L' which was created for
    meta-discussions such as this. You can join UseSat-L by sending a message
    to UseSat-L-request@lists.satellite.eu.org with the word "subscribe" in
    the SUBJECT. About 20% of current SeeSat-L subscribers are also subbed to
           Bart, SeeSat-L administrator, bart@satellite.eu.org
    Unsubscribe from SeeSat-L by sending a message with 'unsubscribe'
    in the SUBJECT to SeeSat-L-request@lists.satellite.eu.org

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