Sat tracker for LX 200

From: Bryan Lowe (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 22:46:35 PDT

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     Nothing technical... just sharing some thoughts.
    I have been a lurker for many months now.  Enjoyed sitting in my front yard
    predicting and watching sats... really just a good excuse to sit outside
    under the stars at night... and a bit of a connection to my days as a kid
    sleeping out at friends.. watching those new sats go sailing by.  A
    wonderful way to spend an evening.  Now my own children join me sometimes.
    Just traded my Nexstar for an eight inch LX 200.  Bought a copy of Satellite
    Tracker for it and after a couple of nights of false starts... I finally got
    it to work tonight.
    Wow.  It really works well.   Tonight, in an hour, often interrupted by kids
    needs.... I saw more than thirty.  Almost all perfectly centered.  It is fun
    to follow them and see the rich star background racing by in the background.
    I could see none of them with the naked eye in my well lit Seattle
    neighborhood.... but all were very clear in my scope.  It tracks right on,
    almost always staying right in the center of the eyepiece.  I highly
    The only problems I had were early on and were of my own creation.  Clock
    off by too much... incorrect style of lat and longitude entries.. and the
    Save your money and buy this scope and this program.  It is great.
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