Raoul Behrend (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:31:01 +0200 (MET DST)

Hello Jay, Conrad and the others,

> The photographer, Conrad, has sent me scans of his 6 original photos.
> I posted them along with his descriptions on my Sky Views web site, below.
> Go to page 2.
> At bottom of page in Photo Gallery, find
>   Satellite trails. Orion Nebula. 
[ ]

Well, on these scans, we can see things about which we can speak, now !

> Looks like there are some asteroid trails also [...]

Just a few comments:
- Horizontal blue lines. As Conrad say, they are scratches from the laboratory.
  I suggest Conrad to go only once again to this half-our lab: just
  to ask for $$$ in compensation of the "destruction" of negatives with very
  good pictures <;3)~~~
- Asteroids: Mmmm. I'm sure at 98% that there are no asteroid trails.
  ( There seems to be no logical links between trails, and to make
  bright and long trails, they must be very luminous: and de facto
  already detected be automated sky-scanners LINEAR, LONEOS, SpaceWatch, aso.)
  I'm also sure at 98% there are point-like ones (or few-"pixels"-elongated).
- Origin: I persist to "vote" for plane for the 4-lines, and geostationnary
  satellites for the 2-lines. This is motivated by similar ccd pictures
  I made at Geneva observatory which is very near the track that the planes
  follow to ground at airport.

Best regards, Raoul


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