Re: satellite crossing photo

Steven Rogers (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 01:54:11 -0500

>At 01:27 PM 9/29/1999 -0700, Dale Ireland wrote:
> >I just talked to a United pilot about that. The strobes are turned off or
>on by the
> >pilot and are "usually" not on while cruising. The wing tip lights are on
> >and don't flash.
>	FAR's require the flashing anti-collision light to be ion at 
>all times...

Well, I always leave mine on, but then I'm only a private pilot . . .

Further, depending on the altitude above the horizon, its not clear to
me that the further wingtip light would not be obscured by the body of
the plane. And I'd think the red one would show up more distinctly red
in the photo. I don't have any charts of that area, so I can't check
to see if its anywhere near an airway. Perhaps someone has time to
check the geometry to see what the wing's likely angle to the observer
would be. Maybe I can tomorrow

Still wondering . . .