Decay watch: September 27

Alan Pickup (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 21:50:45 +0100

There is yet another update to my Decay Watch page at

Included are:

An updated prediction for the decay of #25920, the Ikonos Orbit Adjust
Module, at September 28 20:59 UTC +-6h near a southbound equator
crossing over the Pacific. That orbit takes it (in eclipse) northbound
over Europe from S Italy at 20:27 UTC to Berlin (20:30) and Oslo
(20:32). SpaceCom has it decaying more than one orbit earlier.

My analysis of today's decay of the just-launched LMI-1 Proton platform,
#25926. I calculate decay at 12:25 UTC +-30m a few minutes after a
southbound equator crossing, over the SE Atlantic on the way to perigee.
SpaceCom derive a similar location.

My prediction for the decay of #25925, the LMI-1 Proton rocket itself. I
have this at September 28 14:05 UTC +-5h when it should be S of the
Aleutian Islands, about 15 minutes after a northbound equator crossing
over Indonesia.

SeeSaters may be interested in
with another take on some recent observed re-entries over the USA.
Thanks to Larry Klaes on the FPspace list for the URL.

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