Re: Sat track photo

Dale Ireland (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 06:48:04 -0700

I received this note regarding the photo from Dennis D'Cicco at Sky and
Telescope Magazine;

Before this gets out of hand you should come by my office and see the
photos that Conrad sent. There's a whole sequence of Orion (he was
testing equipment). I have all the details from him, so I have no idea
where Dale comes up with the idea that the photographer won't respond to
anyone. Conrad did not record the time precisely since these were only
intended as test shots. He does, however, have the date, location and a
rough time of each shot. Only one shows the satellites. The four objects
going east/west are almost certainly geosyncs -- from this latitude they
appear to pass right through the nebula. The polar ones are what make
this unusual. I'm not much of a satellite watcher myself, but even I
have seen objects moving in pairs, so it isn't the issue of having two
that's unusual, only that they passed right through the nebula. BTW,
drop the "diffraction" theory -- 1) this doesn't look like classic
diffraction, 2) it was a refractor, and 3) it doesn't show on the same
images shot just before and after this one!

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