Re: Decay watch: September 26

Scott Degenhardt (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 20:33:39 -0500

Has anyone checked to see if maybe he saw a Iridium flare cooncidently
around the same time as the Foton?  Just a thought?


Alan Pickup wrote:
> There is another update to my Decay Watch page at
> Since writing yesterday's comments on the decay of #25903, the Foton 12
> Soyuz rocket, I have had several negative reports from observers who
> watched for this object during its ~01:35 UTC pass over the USA, yet saw
> nothing. Some of these were better placed (ie closer to the track) than
> Mike DiMuzio who reported a sighting of it at magnitude -4. Thanks
> particularly to David Dunham, President, I.O.T.A., and Scott Degenhardt,
> both of whom gave publicity to my warning on their own extensive mailing
> lists.
> It is also clear that SpaceCom has switched the identities of #25920 and
> #25921, respectively the Ikonos Orbit Adjust Module and some unspecified
> debris from the launch. The object that was identified as the Module
> before epoch 99268.55 is now the debris, and vice versa. The decay
> warnings issued on September 25 for the debris object must refer to what
> is now identified as the Module. Although SpaceCom/OIG still has the
> original warning posted for the "debris", I don't expect this to be
> updated, at least until the real debris nears decay in about a month's
> time. At present, I predict the decay of the Module at September 28
> 20:31 UTC +-12h.
> Alan
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