Superbird-A, Echostar 5 and Telstar 7 Rockets, 26 Sep 99

Ron Lee (
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 21:51:03 -0600

1)	Superbird-A observed in 8" starting about 02:59:30 UT.
Timed several flashes averaging 23.0 seconds.  Noticed several
had double flashes.  Not quite up to binocular/visual brightness.
Last timing around 03:04 UT.  Came back 5 minutes later and not
visible. Earth shadow entry most likely.

2)	Echostar 5 Centaur Rocket (#25914) observed at 02:12 UT.
About one minute early. magnitude about 9 at a range of 12644 km
and Skymap phase angle of 167.8.   It did seem to flicker but I
attribute that to atmospheric effects.  Echostar 5 was missed
for unknown reason.

3)	Telstar 7 Ariane 44LP rocket (#25923) observed running
about three minutes early.  it did vary in magnitude with a 
period of 129.6 seconds.  The faint interval lasted perhaps 20
seconds and the majority of the time it was a near constant
magnitude (also about 9 at a range of 17682 km and Skymap
phase angle of 160.4).  (PPAS report to be sent separately)

Both rockets observed in 8" telescops from Falcon, CO USA.

Ron Lee