Starparty (starparty@nashville.com)
Sat, 25 Sep 1999 18:15:48 -0500

As suggested in the welcome message, I would like to introduce myself to the
list. I have been an amateur astronomer since early childhood and a casual
observer of satellites for the last few years. When I received a forwarded
message yesterday about the possible opportunity to observe the decay of the
Foton 12 R/B, I found a link
(http://www.wingar.demon.co.uk/satevo/index.htm ) that included a mention of
this list and here I am.

Although the decay didn't happen during the orbit that favored me, it has
sparked my interest in observing this and other unusual satellite events. As
a casual observer I have been using a DOS version of Traksat (v4.08) for
pass predictions. I'm now using Windows 98 and I'm ready to invest in a
Windows version of a satellite tracking program. If any of you are willing
to recommend a program, please let me know. In searching a few archived
messages of this list, I have seen several messages referring to SatSpy. Is
this a good program? Are there better ones?