Re: Sat track photo

Bruno Tilgner (
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 17:06:57 -0400

Alan Pickup wrote:

>Despite this, I agree with Rob Matson that the "satellite
>crossroads" (as S&T calls it) is entirely an instrumental effect,
>probably diffraction. The stellar alignments and the exact N-S and E-W
>orientations are too coincidental to be otherwise.

I would agree with this judgement, all the more so as the intersection
of the trails is suspiciously close to the center of the photo. Perhaps
a spider was just constructing its web :-).

As we are on the subject of unexplained pictures, please have a look
at In this case
it is at least certain that the trail was produced by COSMOS 1275 r.
But what caused the sine wave pattern ?

Bruno Tilgner
Saint-Cloud, France